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2024 French Open: Prize Money Breakdown

The French Open not only offers prestige and a coveted place in tennis history but also significant financial rewards for its participants. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the prize money on offer at the second major of the year:


Event Dates: May 26 to June 9


Total Prize Fund: 53.5 million euros ($58.12 million), marking a 7.8% increase from 2023.


Men’s and Women’s Singles:

First Round: 73,000 euros
Second Round: 110,000 euros
Third Round: 158,000 euros
Round of 16: 250,000 euros
Quarter-finals: 415,000 euros
Semi-finals: 650,000 euros
Runner-up: 1.2 million euros
Champion: 2.4 million euros


Comparison to 2023 Winners: The winners of the men’s and women’s singles in 2023 received 2.3 million euros each.

Other Grand Slam Comparisons (2023/2024):

Australian Open 2024: A$ 3.15 million each ($2.08 million)
Wimbledon 2023: 2.35 million pounds each ($2.95 million)
U.S. Open 2023: $3 million each

Men’s and Women’s Doubles:

First Round: 17,500 euros
Round of 32: 27,500 euros
Round of 16: 43,500 euros
Quarter-finals: 80,000 euros
Semi-finals: 148,000 euros
Runners-up: 295,000 euros
Champion: 590,000 euros

Mixed Doubles:

First Round: 5,000 euros
Round of 16: 10,000 euros
Quarter-finals: 17,500 euros
Semi-finals: 31,000 euros
Runners-up: 61,000 euros
Champion: 122,000 euros

As players vie for glory on the clay courts of Roland Garros, they also have the opportunity to secure substantial financial rewards, reflecting the prestige and significance of the French Open in the tennis world.


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