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Guadalajara Grabs First-Leg Victory in Quarterfinals with Late Goal

Guadalajara, commonly known as Chivas, secured a crucial 1-0 victory over Toluca in the first leg of the 2024 Clausura Tournament Quarterfinals, thanks to a late strike by Víctor Guzmán. The atmosphere at Akron Stadium was electric, with the Rojiblanca Nation rallying behind their team for a thrilling 90-plus minutes.


Facing a defensive-minded Toluca side, Chivas displayed intelligence and persistence throughout the match. Despite Toluca’s strategy to play cautiously, Guadalajara maintained control with solid defensive performances and strategic ball possession.


The breakthrough moment arrived at the 85th minute when Cade Cowell’s cross found its way to Víctor Guzmán, who unleashed an unstoppable shot into the upper right corner of the net, securing a well-deserved lead for Guadalajara.


Throughout the game, both teams had their share of dangerous opportunities. Chivas’ Jesús “Chicharito” Hernández and Isaac Brizuela threatened Toluca’s defense with close-range shots, while Toluca’s own Carlos Orrantia and Alexis Vega looked to counter with swift attacking plays.


The stage is now set for the second leg of the series, which will take place at Estadio Nemesio Diez on Saturday, May 11 at 8:10 PM. With the ChivaHermanos expected to turn out in full force, the excitement is palpable as Guadalajara aims to advance further in the tournament with their passionate fanbase behind them.


Guadalajara (Chivas):

Raúl Rangel (Goalkeeper)
Alan Mozo
Gilberto Chiquete
Gilberto Sepúlveda
José Castillo
Erick Gutiérrez
Fernando Beltrán
Roberto Alvarado
Pável Pérez
Isaac Brizuela
Jesús “Chicharito” Hernández (Captain)


Cade Cowell (Substituted in at 80′)
Víctor Guzmán (Substituted in at 68′, scored the winning goal)
Ricardo Marín (Substituted in at 68′)

Tiago Volpi (Goalkeeper)
Andrés Pereira
Brian García
Juan Escobar
Carlos Orrantia
Tomás Belmonte
Juan Domínguez
Jesús Angulo
Jean Meneses
Claudio Baeza (Captain)
Alexis Vega


Marcel Ruiz (Substituted in at 87′)
Maximiliano Araujo (Substituted in at 74′)
Edgar López (Substituted in at 74′)

The first-leg victory underscores Guadalajara’s resilience and determination as they continue their quest for Clausura Tournament success. With momentum on their side, Chivas will look to capitalize on their home advantage and secure a spot in the next stage of the competition.


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