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How To Play 86fb Football? A Comprehensive Guide

Football, known globally as soccer, has many variations, each offering unique excitement and strategic challenges. One such variation is 86FB football, a compelling game that combines elements of traditional soccer with innovative rules. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of 86FB football, covering its rules, strategies, and techniques to enhance your understanding and proficiency in this captivating sport.


Understanding 86FB Football

86FB football, also referred to as “Elimination Football,” is a modified version of traditional soccer played with distinct rules. The primary objective remains scoring goals, but the gameplay is intensified by specific regulations that add layers of complexity and strategic depth.


Rules of 86FB Football

Team Composition

Teams consist of eight players, including a goalkeeper.


Substitutions are allowed but often limited to a specific number per match.


Field Dimensions

The field size can vary but typically is smaller than a standard soccer field, ensuring fast-paced action.


Matches are played in short, timed quarters (e.g., 20 minutes each).

The ball can be played in the air or on the ground.

Players aim to score by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal, guarded by the goalkeeper.

Elimination Concept

The ’86’ in 86FB refers to the elimination rule. When a player commits a foul or violates a specific rule, they are ’86ed’ or temporarily removed from play.

Eliminated players must stand on the sidelines until their team scores a goal, at which point they can re-enter the game.

This rule challenges teams to strategize effectively while managing player availability.

Essential Skills and Techniques

Achieving success in 86FB football demands mastery of fundamental skills and advanced techniques tailored to this unique format.

1. Ball Control and Passing

In 86FB, precision ball control and swift passing are essential for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities. Players must hone their ability to control the ball under pressure and distribute it efficiently to teammates.

Technique Focus: Practice short, accurate passes to evade opponents and maintain team cohesion.

Drill Recommendation: Set up passing drills emphasizing quick, one-touch exchanges to simulate game scenarios.

2. Spatial Awareness

Given the condensed field size and fast-paced nature of 86FB, players must possess exceptional spatial awareness to navigate tight spaces, anticipate movements, and exploit openings.

Developing Awareness: Encourage players to scan the field constantly, identifying available passing lanes and potential threats.

Training Exercise: Use small-sided games to enhance players’ ability to make split-second decisions and adapt to rapidly changing situations.

3. Dynamic Positioning

Unlike traditional soccer, 86FB demands versatile positioning due to the constant player eliminations. Players must be adaptive and comfortable in various roles, seamlessly transitioning between offensive and defensive responsibilities.

Role Rotation: Implement rotational player roles during training sessions to familiarize individuals with different positions and tactical roles.

Position-Specific Drills: Design drills that emphasize positional responsibilities, such as quick transitions from defense to attack.

4. Strategic Use of Eliminations

Understanding when to commit fouls strategically to eliminate key opponents is a nuanced aspect of 86FB. Teams must leverage this rule to gain numerical advantages while minimizing their own risk of elimination.

Strategic Foul Awareness: Educate players on identifying pivotal moments to execute calculated fouls, disrupting opponent momentum without compromising team integrity.

Simulated Scenarios: Incorporate scrimmage scenarios where players practice tactical fouling and subsequent defensive adjustments.

Advanced Tactical Approaches

To excel in 86FB, teams can deploy advanced tactical strategies tailored to exploit the game’s unique dynamics and rules.

1. High-Pressing Defense

Employing an aggressive high-press defensive strategy can disrupt opponents’ buildup play and force turnovers in advantageous areas.

Execution: Instruct players to press collectively in the opponent’s half, closing down passing lanes and applying intense pressure on the ball carrier.

Countermeasure: Implement coordinated pressing triggers to ensure a cohesive defensive effort without exposing vulnerabilities.

2. Counter-Attacking

Given the rapid transitions in 86FB, mastering counter-attacking tactics can prove highly effective in capitalizing on turnovers and exploiting gaps in the opponent’s defense.

Quick Transition Principles: Instill the importance of immediate counter-attacks following defensive recoveries, utilizing speedy forwards to exploit open spaces.

Counter-Pressing: Emphasize immediate defensive pressure upon losing possession to regain control and initiate swift counter-attacks.

3. Numerical Advantage Exploitation

Strategically leveraging numerical superiority resulting from opponent eliminations is crucial in 86FB. Teams must capitalize on these situations to create scoring opportunities.

Player Overloads: Encourage players to exploit gaps and overload areas where opponents are short-handed.

Offensive Patience: Stress the importance of maintaining possession and probing for openings rather than forcing play when in a numerical advantage.

4. Set-Piece Mastery

Given the condensed nature of 86FB matches, set-pieces offer valuable scoring opportunities. Teams can gain a competitive edge by developing innovative set-piece routines.

Variety in Set-Pieces: Experiment with different corner kick and free-kick strategies tailored to exploit opponent weaknesses.

Specialized Training: Dedicate practice sessions to perfecting set-piece executions, emphasizing precision and unpredictability.

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Mastering 86FB football requires a blend of technical proficiency, tactical acumen, and adaptability. By understanding its unique rules, honing essential skills, and implementing advanced strategies, players and teams can excel in this dynamic and exhilarating variation of the world’s most popular sport. Embrace the challenge, refine your approach, and elevate your game to new heights in 86FB football.


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